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Thought leaders' sound vision on the world of media

logo_sound vision 0.png (83 KB)At SoundAware we're all about data. Data that is vital to all stakeholders in the business of intellectual property, neighboring rights, media, advertising, a.o. Data that needs to follow the dynamics of an ever changing technical and legal landscape. But as abstract or dull this may sound, don't forget it's all about people as well. People who are involved in or are dependent on fair and equitable remuneration for the use of intellectual property. People for whom it is necessary to focus on various developments in the world in order to optimize their message or strategy.

We're starting a series of publications about those people. The people for whose interests we work, the people in whom we are interested, especially in their Sound Visions.

Christophe van Vaerenbergh (PlayRight)

Christophe van VarenberghFirst in our 'Sound Vision' interview series is Christope van Vaerenbergh. Christope is the managing director of PlayRight CVBA. PlayRight is the sole Belgian collective management organisation for the neighbouring rights of (Belgian) artists, in the music and audiovisual sector. We spoke to Christophe about the relevance of PlayRight's services, especially in these turbulent times. Read the article (in Dutch)



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